Saturday, December 8, 2007


Yesterday, Colorado Springs was under a blanket of fog. Not the thick, malevolent sort of fog- more the tired and out of energy kind that gently rests on the landscape. The sort of fog that depletes your desire to have contact with the world and encourages people to stay at home by the fire, that kind of fog.

As I drove to work, I started thinking about fog and about how many of the other drivers on the road had chosen not to turn on their headlights. When there is inclement weather of any sort, even when the day is bright, I turn on my lights as a safety precaution. However, many people fail to do this and in turn, they are endangering not only their own person, but any other person in the area as well.

In a way, I understand why some people don't turn on their lights. They figure, "Hey, it is light enough out to see, so the lights won't help me, so why bother?". Makes sense if the only purpose for headlights is to help the driver see. But that isn't the only function of headlights. They also help other people see YOU. And that idea got me thinking that maybe we are all living in a fog, driving through life and we haven't turned on our headlights. People can't see us coming and we end up with more close calls and frayed nerves than necessary because we failed to flip the switch. Then I thought about the song I used to sing as a child, "This Little Light of Mine" and how it said to not hide your light under a bushel. Sort of the same idea.

We need to turn on our lights, let people know we are out there, draw them to us, help the encounter to be more gentle and safe. I struggle with that. I can be a brash and overwhelming sort of person. I don't mean to be, it just comes out that way. But I can try to be more gentle, not blindside people completely, turn on my lights so they see me coming.

Today, the fog lifted and we were left with a thick blanket of snow. That is a whole n'other topic (and yes, something is needed between the "e" in whole and the "o" in other... sorry Dara!).

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